The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) forges powerful alliances that advance breakthrough biomedical discoveries and improve the quality of people’s lives. As a 501(c)(3) charity chartered by Congress, the FNIH creates and manages these partnerships with public and private institutions in support of the mission of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the world’s premier medical research agency. Convening otherwise diverse or competitive research efforts around a common mission, the FNIH brings dynamism, energy and urgency to finding treatments and cures for patients.

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Dear Friends,

After devoting tremendous energy, know-how and resources to tackle a pressing health challenge, a scientific discovery must make patients better.

This is why bringing the patient perspective into the research process early is critical. Patients are true research partners who contribute intellectually, but many times give of themselves by donating blood, tissue and their time. Without the patient perspective, it would be difficult to advance biomedical research that develops the tools required to fight disease and disability.

Through its programs, the FNIH harnesses vital patient perspectives alongside that of philanthropic, not-for-profit, foundation, government, academic and industry partners. Leveraging their collective expertise and resources around a shared scientific goal enables these diverse collaborators to achieve something far greater than any single entity can achieve alone.

This Annual Report highlights the FNIH's work throughout 2018 to build powerful alliances that accelerate and transform scientific understanding and research. The examples span from a project that is improving personalized cancer therapies to another that is evaluating a technology with the potential to eliminate malaria. By featuring the voices of patients and their advocates, the stories bring these critical viewpoints to the forefront.

As Big Data continues to enhance precision medicine, the future looks bright for patients. Earlier interventions, customized treatment plans and more efficient therapies are on the horizon. The FNIH looks forward to working with the public and private sectors to make this vision a reality — because patients can't wait. They need progress now.

Steven M. Paul, M.D. Chairman
Maria C. Freire, Ph.D President And Executive Director